Natural Perfume Manifesto

I believe perfume has the power to lift your spirit up, to transform your outlook about yourself, and the world around you. The heavy floral scent of the hedge of lilacs that helps you travel back in time to your grandparents' house. The power scent you wear to your kick boxing class to give you the edge you need to transform your body. The scent that brings you peace when you just need a hug. The scent that feels like your favorite comforter enveloping you on a wintery afternoon of movie watching. It's the final accessory to your ensemble as you head out for a night on the town to go dancing with your girlfriends.

For every scent there is a mood, and for every mood, a scent.

I want to live in a world where perfume is once again part of an aromatherapeutic ritual. No more sex and preening, damn it. Not that there's anything wrong with either of those, but I prefer more substance and meaning to my adornments.

I refuse to add more synthetic chemicals to your life. I'm old school and I'm ok with that. My perfumes won't last for 18+ hours. They will change on your skin as time goes along. They may vary from batch to batch. Life is not consistent or static, and my perfumes aren't either.

I choose to utilize the best Mother Nature has to offer to connect you to the world around you. I will mindfully source the highest quality materials I can, in order to create my perfumes. My hope is that the perfumes I compose will connect you to the Earth in a way that 21st century life is often lacking. I wish to offer you a respite from your overly busy, and sometimes stressful life. I wish for my perfumes to be a balm unto your spirit and heart.

Join me in celebrating the sensual world.