Vanilla Citron

Vanilla Citrus with hints of Tea Natural Botanical Perfume

Creamy, tangy, bright, and fresh. You love it because vanilla and citrus notes are some of your favorites, but you don’t want to smell like dessert.

Vanilla is one of the most popular notes in the world of perfumery, but it can be difficult to manipulate. Very often, perfumes that feature a prominent vanilla note will smell like baked goods – not that there’s anything wrong with that. When you’re in the mood for a vanilla scent that’s sophisticated, rather than “foody”, Vanilla Citron is just the ticket.

Vanilla Citron opens with a bright burst of citrus, with a hint of freshly brewed black tea, like a refreshing glass of iced tea garnished with a slice of lemon. Next, the mimosa comes in, adding a delicate touch of floral to the composition, giving way to the slightly woody vanilla base. Vanilla Citron is like a summer shawl wrapped around your shoulders on a warm summer’s evening.