Pro Fond

White Floral natural perfume with a savory base

It’s not often that a fragrance is created that expertly and harmoniously blends gourmand, savory, and floral notes.

Not long ago, Amanda had a dream about embarking on such a project. She dreamed of making a white floral perfume, and she started off with savory base notes. She then added chocolate to the mix, but woke up before completing her creation.

In her waking hours, Amanda played around with her favorite white floral notes, adding and subtracting various essences until she hit upon the creation she named Pro Fond.

The notes that comprise the base of Pro Fond are barley, vetiver Haiti, Muhuhu, cacao and choya loban. The florals consist of karo karounde, white lotus, ylang ylang, tuberose and white champa. At the very top, blood orange, petigrain and phenyl ethyl acetate provide a gateway to the richness that lies beneath.

Pro Fond begins with a citrusy freshness that seamlessly fades into the beauty of the white florals. Ylang ylang tempers the lush prominence of the tuberose and white champa, and finally, the savory groundwork takes center stage, with a pleasant, almost woody quality, while the cacao and barley evoke calming warmth.