Poir Indiscrete

A pear floral natural fragrance

What is it about the pear that intrigues us so? They’re not the most attractive of fruits, but how they taste and smell inspires us so...

Pears are elusive; they’re only in season for a short time, and their varieties mystify us. Some are red, some are green; some are yellow with a blush of pink. Their taste varies from tart to sweet, and their texture can be firm and assertive, or soft, juicy, and slightly grainy on the palate.
Perfumers have long tried to capture the pear, but very often their concoctions lean heavily toward the syrupy and sweet. It can be a difficult note to work with, requiring patience and dedication to the craft. You want the sweet sensuality of the fruit at its peak of ripeness without falling into the “dessert trap”.

Poir Indiscrète is pear in all its glorious, sybaritic luxury. Think of the Comice variety that is soft, juicy, sweet, and almost creamy. The highest quality pear accord combines with blood orange and bergamot to provide a sparkling opening, while green and jasmine teas provide a fresh, green foil to the juicy citrus.

The floral heart of this fragrance beats with a pulse of heliotrope, honeysuckle, ylang ylang and mimosa, beckoning the rebirth of delicate spring flowers and their rejuvenating, uplifting properties.

The base warms up with honey, musks, tonka bean and vanilla from Madagascar to complete the sensual journey.

Poir Indiscrète allows its wearer to experience the magic of rebirth and rejuvenation while remaining grounded in a warm embrace of earthy sensuality. A pear tart it is not