Patchouli Creme

An Earthy Citrus Natural Botanical Perfume

Fresh, green, earthy, and slightly smoky. You wear it because you love the mercurial nature of patchouli; it can either be syrupy and “head shoppy”, or pungent and full of all the loamy goodness of nature.

Patchouli Creme is at once bracing and green, yet smoky and creamy. Lavender and mimosa are responsible for amping up the green at the beginning, while litsea cubiba adds a citrusy sharpness that feels refreshing. As it dries down, vanilla, coffee and a tinge of nutmeg take over, allowing the composition to evolve into the scent of a hike on a forest trail, where green leaves mix with moist, warm earth.

Natural perfume compositions containing patchouli do not smell anything like what you’ve smelled in commercial fragrances. Be ready to have your mind blown by its beauty and versatility.