Moon Valley

A Fruity Floral Natural Botanical Perfume - As seen in the May '13 issue of Vogue UK

A scent created as an homage to classic elegance and style. You wear it because you love vintage perfumes, but crave a scent with a touch of modernity.

Lovers of vintage perfumes created by venerable French perfumers will swoon when a whiff of Moon Valley delights the senses. Mossy and wistful, antique oakmoss dominates the composition, alluding to a femininity embodied by flirty dresses, seamed stockings, high-heeled pumps, and red lipstick.

Ripe peach and jasmine peek out, adding a bit of bright sparkle, but not in the way today’s modern fruity floral scents tend to overpower the wearer. Instead, the fruit subtly alludes to fun, girlishness, and charm. It goes well with classic cocktails, intriguing conversation, and maybe a few turns around the dance floor