Lumberjack Man

A Woody Aromatic Natural Botanical Cologne

It is called “man”, but it has the capacity to be genderless. You wear it because there are days when only a rich, warm, woody and spicy scent will do.

Don’t let the name “Lumberjack Man” lull you into thinking that this scent is exclusively for men. The tobacco, and woods are perfectly complimented by zesty ginger and lime, and expertly spiced with a dash of black pepper. Together, they make a scent that can be considered masculine on a man, and also warm and inviting on a woman.

Lumberjack Man is one of those scents that is capable of giving you a bear hug on the coldest days, yet is bright enough to wear appropriately on a smartly-casual evening out. Share it with your significant other and see how it adapts to your individual chemistry. You may find yourselves connected in ways you never imagined