Helena MMXIV

A modern 21st century version of the Roman Unguent created in conjunction with The Mini Museum UUU Tour

Helena MMXIV is the modern version of the Roman perfume created for the UUU Tour with The Mini Museum.

With Helena MMXIV, Amanda reinterpreted her original creation by removing the spice notes and adding rosewood to lighten up the scent for more casual wear. This version is eau de parfum strength, and can be worn as a lighter, flirtier fragrance.

Helena MMXIV retains the lush heart notes of rose and jasmine, along with the precious woods and resins of her sister. The addition of natural alcohol substitutes for the spices, lightening up the mood, and adding a sparkle that is evocative of a garden during high summer.

Amanda believes both scents have great possibilities for the wearer: Helena MMXIV can be worn during the day, or when the weather is warmer, and Helena can be worn at night, for a sultrier vibe, or during cooler weather. And don’t discount the possibility of layering the two fragrances. Side by side they stand confidently on their own, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with.