Roman Unguent created in conjunction with The Mini Museum UUU Tour

Helena extrait is an homage to the unguentaria used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to house perfumes and other ritualistic liquids. The vessels started out as utilitarian clay, but evolved into precious blown-glass objets later in history.

Amanda was inspired by a photograph of an unguentarium she happened to find, as well as by a fascination with the tenets of Roman perfumery. Rather than create a scent that might have been worn by a member of the ruling class, she decided to use this knowledge to approximate a scent the wife of a wealthy merchant might wear. And so, Helena was born.

Staying true to perfumery creations of the time, Helena contains heart notes of rose and jasmine, which were the starting points of most scents of that era. Those bold floral notes are complimented by orris and myrrh, and deepened by the addition of Frankincense, sandalwood, tolu balsam, and labdanum.

Marjoram, black pepper and clary sage add an unusual spicy freshness meant to evoke a garden in late spring, as the growing herbs become more fragrant, hearkening the coming warmth of summer.