Come to Me

Exotic Florals Woods and Resins Natural Botanical Perfume

Come to me, my love. You wear it when you want to feel your most confident; you want to ooze sexiness at every turn.

Come To Me Love Potion is part throwback, part modern day seductress. She is an amalgam of every grand flower used in classic perfumery, but with a modern edge. One thing she is not is an Eighties elevator scent – people won’t smell you coming from blocks away. She is, instead, demure and maybe just a little bit shy. She likes to stay close to the skin, thanks to the creaminess of myrrh and frankincense, which work to temper the florals. Patchouli and vanilla are responsible for the vintage vibe, and last, but not least, ambergris and cedar create lingering warmth that is tinged with the slightest bit of spice. Perfection.