Christmas and Cookies

Oriental Vanilla Natural Botanical Perfume

Cookies for Santa left out by the tree. You wear it because it is literally Christmas bottled; all the smells of the season are beautifully combined in one bottle.

Scent is the most powerful of the senses, giving us the ability to revel in joyful gatherings of family and friends. One whiff of Christmas and Cookies evokes innocent memories of childhood – putting out the plate of cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, giving them pride of place next to the tree – fresh balsam fir with a touch of frost.

Amanda credits her son Bowie with the concept for this scent. He suggested the notes, and she mixed them to perfection. Christmas and Cookies truly captures the essence of the season, allowing you to experience the joy all year long.

Available once a year from Nov. 26 - Dec. 31.

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