Autumn Spice

A Woody Aromatic Oriental Natural Botanical Perfume

Spicy, comforting warmth with a hint of citrus. You love it because autumn is your favorite season, and the aromas of wood, warming spices, and cool, crisp air are a balm to your soul.

Autumn is the season of the bountiful harvest, when we revel in the moderating temperatures that bring us clear, starry evenings, and sun-dappled days that showcase nature’s most glorious tones.

Autumn Spice lets us carry the season on our skin, with the crisp tartness of juicy blood orange, combined with the sunny freshness of bergamot, melded with aromatic, creamy myrrh, calming lavender, and sweet patchouli. As day turns to evening, the cinnamon and nutmeg take center stage with their comforting warmth, while sandalwood and civet combine to provide a musky, woody element that offers a hint of sexiness.

Autumn Spice is the perfect scent to wear when you’re cuddled up in front of the fire with someone you love, or wish you could be.