Adagio Assai

A floral incense fragrance based on Beethoven's Eroica symphony.

We learn from history to celebrate love and loss. The tempo of our lives directs these celebrations and provides the musical notes that determine whether we are happy or sad.

Sometimes, sadness and happiness coincide, leaving us with mixed emotions and confusion. We appear one way on the outside, but inside, our feelings betray us. Our senses can help guide us, and often what we smell helps us interpret those feelings.

Adagio Assai is a fragrance that captures our duality. It starts as love, but takes us on a journey that leaves us hauntingly lost. We are first presented with the familiar, comforting spice of carnations, fresh and inspired; but as the flower ages and fades a bit, it becomes smoky, like that of a lit, lingering cigar or pipe. Tonka, honey and petitgrain provide the sweetness and acidic bite that evoke the joy of love, but we eventually descend into a haunting haze of incense and musk that leaves us questioning our feelings and the façade we present to the world.

Our sense of smell will forever be able to evoke the feelings we all carry with us; what we smell at any given moment can offer us salvation or despair. Sometimes, we get one; other times, we get both. But we are always encouraged to appreciate the beauty.